About Us

We love seeing people enjoy warm, welcoming homes that reflect their style, safe havens to entertain, relax and create memories in.

With a passion for preservation, we especially love creating designs that highlight the original character and personality of a home. We work with you to see hidden potential and find creative solutions to tricky challenges. Thoughtful design results in cohesive, functional, aesthetically-pleasing rooms.

No matter the size or scope, our goal is to provide our clients with personal service and individualized projects.

We never take our clients for granted, and we’ll work hard to earn your trust. We’ll treat you and your home with care and respect, be responsive to your needs, maintain open and ongoing communication and a commitment to quality. We want to ensure the best experience you’ve ever had with a contractor.

Meet Cory & Danielle MacFee, Owners

We appreciate and try to embody the old ways of life; simple, hard-working and honest, with family and home at the center. Even after years of doing passion projects on the side, we’d never seriously considered starting our own business until our son, William, was born. We took the plunge in 2016, and happily, haven’t looked back since. This work has allowed us to spend more time as a family, live on our own terms, and do work we really enjoy.

Natives of upstate New York, we first became friends in high school. Cory was one of those kids with a penchant for taking apart small appliances. The construction lead for MacFee Contracting and Design Company, Cory is now doing work he has a natural aptitude for, and finds immensely gratifying. His even temperament and sense of humor put people at ease and create a positive, calm environment on site.

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Trained in historic preservation & traditional trades

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